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Pure Agronomy - Real Results

Agronomically Sound

Our calculations leave no guesswork!

Where others guess or have standard calculations and tables, we have a unique and solid calculation.

Economically Sound

Our budget compares to others, but our maximum economic yield and return on investment is higher. We can help you reach maximum return on fertilizer investment.

Environmentally Sound

We only add what is needed to your soil. No polluting! Environmental considerations are designed into all recommendations.

In the

Kent E. Durbin

TSM Services, Inc.

After creating a soil fertility program that quickly became a success at another company, Kent Durbin decided to create a company of his own. TSM® was established in 1984 by offering their soil fertility program exclusively through contract fertilizer dealers. Dealers loved this opportunity to offer a high yielding soil fertility program through their name to their customers. Customers enjoyed having this agronomy service being provided to them! Today TSM Services Inc. still provides their top notch soil fertility programs and agriculture services for all soil types and all crops through contract dealers, but will also work directly with the grower! Dealers exclaim that working with TSM® is easy, the programs work, and it’s budget friendly! Growers have stated that the education/information they receive, the customization to their goals and budget, and, of course, the proprietary soil fertility program that never fails is the reason why they are loyal.



TSM® Recommendations are proprietary, which  means they are very specific to TSM® customers. The formulations were copyrighted by Kent which has kept them unique and and would be illegal for anyone to use without permission.

P:K Ratios:

We believe there are specific P:K ratios that best fit a field/crop and ours differ slightly for best results.


We believe micronutrients should be applied on all fields, not just as a plant food, but also because of the relationships between nutrients. We are looking for synergism between the different nutrients to create an environment which is stress free (fertility wise) for the growing crop.

The Creation & Proof:

When creating this unique recommendation calculation, Kent investigated several different individual and university recommendation programs from several states. He took what he believed to be the best of each program and used his own knowledge to fine tune the calculations from there. He then took his research to the field with local growers to test it and it was a success! Years later, in 1991, he purchased a 20 acre farm to prove his calculations and show data. In 18 years of research, both in house and through fertilizer dealers, we were able to determine that TSM® out-yields competitive fertility programs 88% of the time. 


Our unique fertility index known as 'pounds needed to balance' can tell us how far a nutrient is from being in balance. Nutrients most out of balance get the most attention because it affects yield the most, then so on.


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